Saturday, March 14, 2009

~ So Many Stories - So Many Sides

There are so many sides and so many different experiences when it comes to Child Abuse and Neglect. As I'm putting my focus on helping the bio-families, I find that there are many broken hearts and affected people on all sides of the issue.

Just today, I spoke with a woman who is trying to adopt the brother of her adopted child. Her complaint is that the DHHS is putting barriers to allowing a child who's parental rights have already been terminated into an adoptive home. Later, I read a story about a pediatrician, who as mandated reported a child who had an unusual bruise and as a result his practice suffered and parents chose not to continue to see him. I ended my day with an IM conversation with my new blogger friend, Julie, who had an allegation and she mentioned though her child knows nothing of the details, her behavior makes it clear she knows something is amiss. There was a TV news story tell about a man and woman, in Indiana, who were abusing children between the ages of 2 month to 3 year olds, who had been left in their care.

All together the problems seem overwhelming and without answers. One at a time though a difference can be made. Tomorrow, I will send out an e-mail to the adoptive mother and I will continue to work on my book project. Tonight, I'll go to sleep with a deep sense of appreciation for what is good in this world!

~ Deb

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