Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where is the Help for Biological Parents?

~ About three years ago, I was laying in the tub enjoying a "nice hot bath" when thought appeared. "I have never seen a book for biological parents who have an allegation of abuse or CPS involvement." I could recall names and titles of books for foster parents, adoptive parents, social workers, CPS workers and not a single book title came to mind for biological parents. I immediately jumped from my once was relaxing bath, wrapped myself in a towel and went straight to the laptop. I googled, dogpiled and searched the bookstores for something that explained to parents what to do if CPS came knocking. Couldn't find any one resource that really explained the system and how to maneuver through it. I searched the Child Welfare League and couldn't find anything there either.

I truly felt I had inspired thought that night. I quickly made an outline of what a parent might need to know. Then I went to bed. I thought about it frequently for a month or so, even went so far as to get a book on how to write a book proposal. I even completed the steps of that book proposal until it came to writing the first chapter and then............

Now it's a few years later and I find myself thinking about this again and this time I feel ready to write, to follow through, to do SOMETHING to make a difference. When I did my search this time I found that there is more information, more people writing individually about their stories and this wonderous thing called Google Alerts that helps me find what people are saying about the topic.

It doesn't sound like much has changed in the last couple of years, people are still "fighting CPS", the system is still being reported as "broken" and there are still real stories of child abuse horror and real stories of "I can't get my kids back."

I know I don't have all the answers and I also know that I have a good idea of when and why it goes wrong for people when they are in the system and so here I am, writing my first blog and feeling the excitement of being inspired.

I welcome any questions, thoughts or comments....and invite you to learn and grow with me as we explore this topic.

Wishing you Peace,

~ Deb

I have Shalom over my life; nothing missing, nothing broken, no unfinished business!

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  1. Deb,
    I missed your phone call tonight, it was so good to hear your voice. I love your blog. You are so right, it is really needed - a book to help families that have CPS involvement. I hope you create book 2 on how Providers can help families navigate the CPS system (I would run out & buy a copy!!) About your phone call - thank-you so much. A great magazine just came out 2 weeks ago. It's called Somerset Apprentice and it helps step by step on how to create collages. You can find it at either Borders or (click on magazines). The resources on mixed-media art are endless, for attics like myself:) What I love are visual journals, all you need is a blank book, a magazine or photos to begin, some paint & your off. Have Mom show you some of her artwork- she's amazing at it! Great hearing from u & hope u & your family r well:) Amber